Turning An Abandoned Idea Into A Gold Mine Of Opportunity

Joe Polish, Jason Campbell, Ben Hudye, and their partners purchased the town of Cleator, Arizona.  Cleator was an active gold and silver mine town in 1800s, but after the close of the mine in the 1920s people began to move out. The town is now to about a dozen people. But the future of this town is brighter than ever.


A Ghost Town Of Potential

For decades, the town of Cleator, AZ, was desolate. The town abandoned, but the potential remained.

Joe Polish and the other owners have already pulled the town into the future with an NFT (non-fungible token) that has sold more than $350,000. Next up, the  metaverse. 

Cleator will also be a place for artists and for healing (Joe has a foundation called Genius Recovery, and he also created Artists for Addicts).

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1. A near ghost town and small community in Yavapai County, AZ in the southwestern United States.

2. A term coined by Joe Polish to identify a big idea or opportunity worth exploring.

Cleator is a town, an idea and a movement. Joe has challenged his Genius Network® members to find “their Cleator.” 

Here’s how it works: There are 3 important questions you need to answer in order to find and qualify your “Cleator” opportunity. 

Click the button below answer the “What’s Your Cleator?” questions. 

My Cleator Initiative

Since returning from the February 2022 Genius Network® Event, Celia Black made her Cleator initiative to help the homeless on Whidbey Island where she lives. Celia helped identify the needs, assembled donations of essential items and finding donors.

Yet as a Cleator opportunity, the goal gets bigger. Celia is working with County Commissioners regarding potential land options to establish a “village” for temporary transitional housing.

“As always… thanks for all your support and inspiration. You help me to be courageous! You, Joe, plant many seeds that will grow into mighty trees. You may never enjoy their shade… but you can take pride in knowing all the good that you’ve inspired in this world.”– Celia Black, Chief Marketing Officer, Kurzweil Technologies, think tank for offspring companies of inventor/futurist Ray Kurzweil